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DALIA and KONRAD Foundations

Successful and accomplished foundation firms in Western Europe, Eastern Europe and Middle East for over 20 years

What makes us different and unique?

What are advantages for your business?

ü  Not available in department stores

ü  We offer exclusivity to specialty boutiques within particular trading areas, which means better profitability and customer loyalty for you

ü  Exquisite European laces and fabrics

ü  Superior quality and attention to details

ü  Innovative European styling and inspired design

ü  Generous American fit, not skimpy European fit

ü  Consistent sizing in every bra, once fitted always the same size

ü  Proven fit for all figure types from small busted to full busted ranging in styles from unlined, contour to push-up

ü  Shipping from California, no customs or duties and no international shipping costs

ü  Be ahead of your competition!


DALIA specializes in full busted figures. The special construction of the bras allows them to pull breast together and lift, especially in unlined and half contour bra styles that makes this brand so special. DALIA is also known for their bridal collections. Sophisticated embroidery, high quality jacquard fabrics, elastic tulle, very adorned straps combined with briefs and thongs are highly stylish and graceful. Push-ups have removable pads and straps.

KONRAD is highly desired and loved for their beautiful high fashion and stylish push-ups and half-contour bras that cover the niche of sizes 40 or 42 in cups B or C. Austrian and Italian embroideries, luxurious French lace combined with vibrant colors and stylish ribbon adornments together with matching elegant briefs, thongs or strings make these foundations very special. Push-ups have removable pads and straps.

DALIA and KONRAD lingerie is beautiful and supportive, comfortable and seductive, enhances natural curves, and makes breasts look beautifully shaped.


Allure Lingerie Polonia, a premier and rapidly growing lingerie distributor of top quality luxurious European brands is a sole agent responsible for marketing, sales and distribution of the DALIA and KONRAD lines in North America.


Our company was created to help women in revealing the beauty of their bodies and to convince them that they are beautiful and attractive.


Wearing this wonderful lingerie that brings out the confidence of the women’s body and enhance their natural curves they will fall in love with themselves and every day will be special.


Our goal is to please and satisfy the most demanding figures.


We are also members of Better Business Bureau.